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Meet our customers
Berlin, Germany
Streaming Search Engine
Our job is to support search engine core plus improve ecosystem/framework for data parsers from different suppliers (Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Microsoft, etc)

Technologies: Golang, Docker, AWS
Edinburgh, Scotland
Intelligent Recruitment Solutions
Find the best. Find them fast. Find them first.

We developed a prototype of new engine that made new partners' integration much faster and easierearch engine).

Technologies: Mojolicious, AngularJS, Bootstrap, AnyEvent/Coro, AWS.
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Smart Payment Services
Secure online & mobile transactions for all webshops

Projects completed:
  • AnyEvent-based AES JSON key server to decrypt credit card numbers encrypted with AES public keys (needed to meet PCI DSS requirements). Multiple public/private key pairs supported. Took 3 days to complete.
  • Klarna ( / CIB / KVK / PayBox / WorldPay /
  • DotPay payment gateways integration into engine. All Moose based.
  • 3DS Authentication
  • Mojolicious based Perl client for API.
Brighton, UK
Online Hotel Booking
Design, development and support of the online hotel reservation system.

Features & Services:
  • Availability search engine (including communications with dozens of suppliers like Tourico, GTA, Transhotel, Restel, Travco, HotelBeds, etc via XML/JSON API). Old version is based on Coro/AnyEvent async. daemons. New one is written in Golang
  • Multilevel cache engine
  • Full featured back office
  • XML/JSON API for partners
  • Fraud detection system
  • AI Hotel Matcher
  • Different trackers and reports
  • Fast full & incremental data export/import
  • Functional & Unit test

Technologies: Golang, Ubuntu/RHEL, Nginx, Perl 5.14+, Apache2/mod_perl2, MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, Stuffed
Berlin, Germany / Barcelona, Spain
Online air tickets through brand new NDC standard
Enabling the NDC age for the airline distribution industry.

Develop and support JSON API communicating with airlines API on one side and Airgateway partners on the other.

Technologies: AngularJS, Golang, Redis, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes.
London, UK
Work Smart, Travel Smarter
Nice tool for business travellers to share travel insights, recommendations, and know-how

Major Customers: Microsoft, Rolls-Royce, LinkedIn, Nike, HSBC.
Oslo, Norway
Life´s a journey - upgrade yours
Air tickets & hotel booking engine for business travelers.

Best flights in premium economy, business class or first class - at the lowest price. Plus the finest hotels worldwide - at a discount.
Toronto, Canada
Smart bike sharing. Dockless.
We develop and support API backend.

Technologies: Frontend - React/iOS/Android, Backend - Golang.
Go Masters Ltd.
Pacaeva, 16/1
344092, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Phone: +7 961 318 01 83